Knee pain. What's the deal?!?

Knee pain. What's the deal?!?


Why do you have knee pain?

The most common causes of knee pain: overuse, lack of use, arthritis, prolonged positioning, aging, the list goes on...


What have you tried?

When it comes to knee pain, you've tried everything- elevating the leg, ice, heat, rest. You've tried over the counter knee wraps and the medically prescribed knee braces. You've even tried tiger balm. You may have even been sent to physical therapy for knee pain.  You had knee steroid injections which were great… until the knee pain came back.

In other words, you've tried everything....but the knee pain is still there.


So what do you do now?

Have you heard of hyaluronic acid injections? Hyaluronan is a material that's naturally found in the body. It exists in the joint space and functions as a natural cushion between your joints. But when it gets worn out - from heavy activity, arthritis, aging- then the bones in the joints can become stiff and painful. There are forms of hyalauronic acid that can be injected in the knees to add that necessary cushion to the joints. There are newer forms of knee hyalauronic acid injections out that last for years longer than traditional steroid injections last!


If knee pain and knee arthritis are affecting your everyday life, give us a call to explore this newer, insurance-approved treatment today!


Mauna Radahd, MD

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