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Tension Headaches

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While common, tension headaches might feel crippling and diminish your quality of life. At Pain Medicine Group, Dr. Mauna M. Radahd or Dr. Morgan Callahan in Sarasota, Florida, or Dr. Jason C. Tse in Oviedo and greater Orlando area, Florida, can diagnose and treat tension headaches to ease bothersome discomfort. Schedule an evaluation by phone or book one online today.

Tension Headaches Q&A

What are tension headaches?

Tension headaches are types of headaches that typically cause mild to moderate pain. They may feel like a tight band placed around your head or continuous pressure. 

While common, the cause of tension headaches isn’t entirely understood. Managing the discomfort is vital to optimizing your quality of life. See the Pain Medicine Group experts if you suffer from ongoing or severe headache pain.

What are the symptoms of tension headaches?

The symptoms of tension headaches often include:

  • Aching head pain
  • Tightness
  • Pressure across your forehead
  • Tension on the side and back of your head
  • Neck, scalp, or shoulder tenderness

The frequency of tension headaches varies from person to person. They may last just 30 minutes up to a week or longer when not addressed.

Migraines, another type of headache, often cause severe discomfort along with nausea, weakness, or fatigue.

What are the risk factors for tension headaches?

Factors that may increase your risk of tension headaches include muscle tightness, stress, and a family history of tension headaches. Prevention measures include biofeedback training, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and other relaxation techniques that reduce stress and tension. 

How are tension headaches diagnosed?

To diagnose tension headaches and possible underlying causes, your Pain Medicine Group provider reviews your medical history and symptoms, discusses your lifestyle, and completes a physical exam. You might need blood testing, an MRI, a CT scan, or other diagnostic tests.

How are tension headaches treated?

Treating tension headaches may include:

  • Deep breathing
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture 
  • Progressive muscle relaxation techniques
  • Other relaxation techniques
  • Medications
  • Ice or cold packs
  • Healthy lifestyle habits

It’s important to drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, participate in regular exercise, eat nutritious foods, have good posture, and avoid smoking. Limit or avoid alcohol, added sugar, and caffeine. 

Your Pain Medicine Group specialist tailors each treatment to your unique needs and follows up whenever needed to ensure the tension headaches disappear. 

If you have an underlying medical condition, such as a tumor, that’s causing tension headaches, your Pain Medicine Group provider can refer you to another specialist for care.

Call the Pain Medicine Group office or use the online booking feature today to eliminate tension headaches and their painful symptoms. 

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