For people who experience chronic back pain, they may be reliant on at-home massage techniques from their significant others, family members, or themselves. They may even hire a masseuse to come relieve some of the pain through at-home massages. There are a few ways to make your massage experience even more effective, however.

Cold Therapy

For example, incorporating ice into your DIY massage can be a natural way to enhance the pain relief. Cold therapy works to alleviate pain by reducing inflammation and swelling. It can also function similarly to a local anesthetic by numbing inflamed tissues. You can incorporate freezable massage rollerballs into your routine. These balls are usually filled with various types of solutions and can be kept in your freezer until needed.

Hand-Held Massager

You can also purchase a hand-held massager if you have upper or lower back pain. Using just your hands can be tiring for a DIY massage lasting for more than just a few minutes, especially if you’re massaging yourself. There can also be spots on your back that can be hard to reach. Handheld massagers can be long enough to reach the necessary spots on your spine without contorting yourself into uncomfortable positions. Some of these massagers are even built to hit specific pressure points.

Foam Roller

Last, you can use a foam roller to enhance your upper back massage. These rollers can even help you with other areas of the body, such as tense neck muscles and tight muscles in your thighs, hips, and calves. They are typically inexpensive and come in varying levels of firmness. They work by increasing blood flow to the muscles and alleviating soft-tissue adhesions.

If you suffer from chronic back pain that isn’t relieved by at-home massage, consider calling our Ft. Meyers pain management physiciansPain Medicine Group was founded to help patients identify, treat, and alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain sufferers. We can take a look at your medical records, perform a physical exam, and develop an individualized treatment tailored to meet your specific pain management needs.

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