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Common Causes of Low Back Pain

Degenerative Discs.

A lot of the time we take "wear and tear" for granted. As we age, so does our spine, as well as the disks, bones, and muscles attached to it. Degenerative disc disease and joint degeneration are commonly seen in an aging spine and can frequently be the cause of normal, age-related low back pain. These types of degeneration happen in the normal aging process but can be affected by inherited factors as well.

 Disc Bulge.

Among other structures, the spine is made up of vertebral bodies (which are the bones of the back), stacked on top of each other with disks in between that function is shock absorbers. Over time, or due to an injury, these discs may bulge out or herniate. This in turn can cause stenosis or narrowing of the spinal canal. It can also put pressure on adjacent nerves. Frequently, this will result in pain that starts in the low back and radiates down the leg. It can be associated with numbness and tingling or weakness in the legs as well.

Muscle strain or pulled muscles.

Pain from muscle strain can be sudden, as in when we try to lift something heavy or twist in an unexpected way. This usually causes a sharp and forceful muscle pain which, while debilitating, is thankfully temporary. Muscle strain can also occur if a muscle or group of muscles in the low back is continually overworked or weak. Even prolonged positioning, such as sitting for long periods at a desk or in a car ride, can contribute to muscle and ligament strain.

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