For many individuals who experience chronic back pain, managing this health condition is a constant struggle. It is difficult to determine which treatments are effective, when to rely on pain medication compared to other options, as well as when to see a spine specialist and consider surgery.

It is imperative to pay attention carefully to pain management in order to make the best recovery possible. Chronic back pain can result in staggering issues when performing day-to-day activities and maintaining an active rehabilitation program. The following are the five important points to consider about managing back pain:

1. Back Pain Problems are Typically Complicated

In comparison to other health issues, there are relatively few standardized approaches to back pain treatment. While some diagnoses - such as fractures and spinal tumors - that are straightforward, other spine conditions involve debates among spine specialist about a diagnosis and treatment plan. Nevertheless, you must take a proactive role in discovering and maintaining a pain management plan that is customized to fit your exact needs.

2. Chronic pain is Not the Same as Acute Pain

While acute pain often reflects the extent of tissue damage, chronic pain does not. For instance, substantially degenerated discs may not cause much pain at all and discs with minor degeneration can produce severe pain. Getting a clear picture of the level and nature of your pain is an important step to receiving the proper treatment you need.

3. Pain Management Consists of Plenty of Trial and Error

The pain derived from chronic back pain can be different from each person, which means the effectiveness of a specific treatment will often not work for another. While this process can be frustrating, it is necessary to determine which plan works best for you.

4. Take Care of Your Emotional Health

Chronic back pain has a negative impact in all aspects of your life, including your emotional wellbeing. Coping with severe pain can typically lead to depression, insomnia, feeling too overwhelmed to maintain your treatment plan. Psychologists who specialize in helping people deal with chronic pain is an important part of the recovery process.

5. Pain Medicine is a Medical Specialty

Various types of physicians and surgeons specialize in pain management. Some pain management treatment options involve medication, injections, and prolotherapy for chronic back pain.

At Pain Medicine Group, our intensively trained staff is prepared to fulfill the needs of each patient who enlists our professional pain management services. Our Orland back pain doctors will do whatever it takes to help you obtain the highest level of pain relief possible.

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